Yoga For Kids


While relieving the pressure of disappointment in competitive sports, Yoga provides a safe, playful, fun and non-competitive way for kids to take pleasure in physical activity, which helps develop both body and mind. A dedicated yoga practice assists children to deal with various academic, psychological, emotional, social and physical challenges or issues that they face in their everyday lives. It offers a joyful and relaxing atmosphere for kids, while they develop better coordination, balance, and resilience, and also become more confident and focused. By integrating within breathing techniques, physical postures, and behavioral guidelines, yoga helps to guide the kids to the path of consistent self-discovery and body consciousness. The beauty of yoga lies in the point that it can be carried out alone, or in a group, and doesn’t require any sophisticated equipment or specific practice space. Hence, it can be carried out excitingly by kids of any age, any moment and anywhere.

The following are the five key areas where the benefits of yoga can be seen in kids:

  1. Promotes A Healthy Lifestyle: The earlier the children are exposed to yoga, the quicker it gets integrated into their lifestyles. It also encourages healthy eating habits, promotes care and concern for one’s mental and physical well-being, and teaches better breathing.
  2. Sharpens Concentration And Memory: Consistent yoga practice improves concentration and focus, stimulates mental processing and alertness, and promotes retention and memory among kids. All these enable the kids to perform better in their studies.
  3. Improved Mind-Body Connection And Body Consciousness: Performance of Asanas improves consciousness about bodies while Pranayama and meditative facets of yoga help achieve a sound mind. Hence, yoga enables the kids to care for their bodies, particularly so, as several kinds of research have also proven, for children with special needs.
  4. Build Self-Respect And Self-Esteem: Yoga helps the kids to build confidence and self-esteem. While improving team skills such as social interaction, synergy, and cooperation, it simultaneously promotes self-expression and individuality. Hence, it teaches respect for self and others, and also the environment at large.
  5. Encourages Ethical Values: Practicing yoga along with the knowledge of yogic philosophy inculcates in kids good virtues like perseverance, truthfulness, self-discipline, restraint, and gratitude. Yoga practice is, therefore, the simplest and the most effective way of character development among youngsters.

A child who is exposed to yoga from a young age is blessed with a lifetime of calmness, health, and wellness of body, mind, and soul. As loving parents, we should guide our kids to the path of yoga as soon as possible, to give them a healthy childhood and a pleasant future.

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