Weird Yoga Classes you should try

As yoga gets more and more popular, and more people discover just how good it can make you look and feel, numerous variations are finding their way into the practice. Some of these variations emphasize different spiritual elements while others are designed for specific physical benefits. And then there are some yoga classes that are just plain strange. Here we explore some of the stranger types of yoga that you might encounter, or might even want to try.

Naked Yoga

This is just what it sounds like. Practitioners believe that they can more accurately see what their body is doing and adjust for any posture problems if they’re doing yoga while naked. However, there is more to this than just making sure you have the right form. This style of yoga teaches a strong belief in acceptance rather than shame of the body in its natural state, which is a positive message in our size-obsessed society.

Laughter yoga

This is a very easy form of yoga that uses breathing exercises, postures and play to promote positive feelings and laughter in its practitioners. It has a number of mental health benefits and is more about enjoyment than it is about physical fitness. It is based on the idea that voluntary laughter causes the same rush of feel-good endorphins that spontaneous laughter does.


People love their pets, and that’s why there’s a form of yoga that includes dogs. All around America, there are classes of practitioners bending themselves into poses with their dogs by their sides. This form of yoga includes gentle massage and meditation that is meant to foster the bond between owner and animal, promoting better health in both of the participants.

Cannabis Yoga

As parts of America legalize this drug for medical use, some yoga practitioners are using cannabis during their yoga practices to expand their minds and consciousness. This form of yoga is obviously not for everyone, but it is said to increase relaxation and body awareness, both key components of yoga.

Beer Yoga

Made popular in Germany and catching on in Australia, this combines exercise with a very high-calorie drink. It seems to be an attempt to combine the feel-good effects of both pastimes to create something even greater.

Mom/Dad and Baby yoga

This form of yoga is meant to help tone the body after pregnancy in a gentle and natural way. It also may have benefits for babies as well, teaching them greater control and helping them to develop their motor skills.

Kilted Yoga

Regardless of how popular this form of yoga may or may not be, the images are highly amusing. This too is literally what it sounds like, men and women doing yoga poses, including headstands, in kilts.

As yoga becomes more accessible and more mainstream, there are classes to fit almost every character and mental, physical, social or emotional need. Whatever type of yoga you do, or would like to try, this form of exercise has great benefits no matter how immediately strange some of the classes might seem to be. So, hop into your yoga leggings and get started.

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