How Yoga Can Improve Your Day

Most people have this misconception that yoga is only for hippies and when they think of yoga they imagine a free-loving person doing the downward dog. Nobody associates it with a cardiothoracic surgeon who is perfectly executing the warrior pose or a university student trying to do away with exam stress.

In reality yoga offers many benefits to people from all walks of life. People with busy lives and crammed daily schedules are actually the ones who need to adopt the habit since it has the power to improve your day.

It not only alleviates stress and helps with fatigue but also improves concentration and boosts energy levels to help you get through the day. The feeling of calm and peace that permeates throughout your body after a yoga session affects your outlook and keeps you motivated and positive throughout the day.

It Makes You Feel Happier

Yoga is not only for the body but also a remedy for the mind. It pumps a steady flow of blood to the brain to keep it clear and focused. There have also been some studies conducted to show that yoga in conjunction with drug therapy can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Deep breathing along with stretching and maintaining a posture is said to be therapeutic. People who perform yoga everyday report feeling much lighter and happier compared to before they did so.

It Helps You Sleep

There has been research that proves that yoga helps those with sleeping disorders develop better sleeping habits. A group suffering from insomnia was asked to practice yoga every day for two months and reported a vast improvement in their sleeping patterns. Since yoga destresses and unwinds the brain it helps a person get some rest at night. A good night’s sleep has a major impact on your day because you can function better when you are well-rested.

It Improves Sexual Function

Women have reported improvement in their sexual libido and arousal after practicing yoga every day. They were better able to orgasm and felt more satisfied after having sex when they started performing yoga. An hour spent in practice can help improve your physical relationships and not only make your day better but also your partner’s since you will be more flexible and desire sex more often.

It Improves Brain Function

Yoga not only helps adopt mindfulness but also improves the brain function by enlarging the brain. MRIs done on participants after they took yoga showed an increase in the grey matter volume compared to those who did not perform yoga. Clinical research has also cemented the fact that meditative yoga is great for cognitive health. Fifteen minutes of yoga every day can increase activity in the brain and help improve memory. Therefore, yoga actually makes your brain sharper and helps you remain mindful throughout the day.

A few minutes spared a day performing yoga can improve the quality of your day and help you live a much more fulfilled life.

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