Grounding Techniques for When Life is Chaotic

The lives that we lead today are busy. We are constantly going from one place to another, tackling new tasks daily, and being fed information left and right both consciously and unconsciously through media and advertising. Then add to all this the energies we may feel from other people, solar eclipses, new moons, and your co-worker’s PMS, and it’s no wonder we often all feel totally ungrounded and off center. So how do we begin to cultivate our own stability and find grounding and control even when the world around us is whizzing at a million miles an hour?

Grounding techniques and rituals or practices that help you connect back to yourself are key to keeping a sense of being whole and finding peace, even when everything else feels chaotic. The list below is a great place to start so that you can begin creating practices or routines that allow you to stay grounded and find stability within yourself.

Meditation: Meditation is one of the best practices when it comes to an imbalance in your life, and a lack of feeling grounded or overwhelmed by the constant speed and chaos of life is no exception. You can use any type of meditation technique that speaks to you or that you have experience with, or you can try a grounding guided meditation. In your meditation, wear comfortable yoga leggings so that you can really focus on your sit bones connecting to the floor and imagine yourself growing roots down into the center of the Earth. Feel the powerful energies of the Earth moving up the roots and throughout your entire body, gifting you with stability and peace. 

Grounding Yoga Postures: There are quite a few postures that are extremely grounding and can be a great addition to your practice when you are needing to cultivate inner strength and a stronger sense of the ground underneath you. Tadasana (Mountain Pose) which focuses on really rooting down through all four corners of your feet as you stand upon the ground is one of them, as well as Child’s Pose where you are bowing down to the ground and focusing on the connection of the tops of feet, shins, forehead, forearms, and hands to the ground underneath you. In both of these postures close your eyes and visualize yourself being held and supported by the ground underneath you. 

“Earthing”: Earthing is a simple practice in which you walk around barefoot in the grass, sand, or dirt and really mindfully feet and connect to the Earth. It is extremely beneficial after a flight or a long day that has left you feeling drained and disconnected. 

Intuitive Practices: Daily intuitive practices such as reading tarot cards or journaling is a great way to check in with yourself, become more clear on your emotions and motives, and also ground and center. Create a short routine that works for you, setting aside five to ten minutes that are all about your connection to self. 

Cleansing: Keeping White Sage or Palo Santo around and using it to clear or cleanse yourself and your space can be a very centering and grounding practice. You can find either at most health food stores.

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