Chakras:The Seven Central Energy Sources

The word chakra is literally translated as “wheel” in Sanskrit. This name represents the spinning subtle energy sources in our system that counteracts the physical aspects of our body. The seven chakras that mainly affect our being started from the material-based self at the base of our spine, all the way up to our higher-vibration spiritual being in our crown. The root, sacral, navel, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra are placed in alignment with the spine. 

Every chakra provides energy to a certain body organ that it is connected to. In addition, the physical body has its counterpart in our spiritual being, meaning the impact of each chakra manifests both in the physical and spiritual plane. Chakras differ from person to person and its activities and manifestations depend on an individual’s awareness of Self.

Subtle Energy Channels

Unbalanced chakras can make a person vulnerable. Being open to the flow of life in these chakras empowers awareness and allows balance to our mental, physical and spiritual Self. The practice of Yoga aims to purify low-frequency energies through meditation and the humbling physical practice to create a space for awareness within. Here are the seven chakras in our body and how they manifest. Being conscious of each one will help elevate awareness and transform lower vibrations to higher consciousness.

Root Chakra/ Muladhara

This chakra is located at the base of the spine and is represented by a red lotus with four petals. Root Chakra is the seat of our humanistic nature to survive. It is the fundamental space that embraces our instinct to be self-sufficient and physically stable. Muladhara is related to our suprarenal glands, bladder, kidney, and spine.
If unbalanced: If the Root Chakra is too open, an individual shows over possessiveness and fear. A person with too closed of a Root Chakra often plays the victim, is ungrounded and homeless.

Sacral Chakra/ Swadhishtana 

Located between the pubic bone and the belly button and symbolized as an orange lotus with six petals. Sacral Chakra plays a vital role in relationships. It represents creativity, emotions, pleasure, and sexuality. To master awareness of this chakra means to introspect your Self and be conscious of others’ egos. A firm belief in one’s sexuality and being sensual with emotions are signs of a well-balanced Swadhishtana. This chakra is related to the reproductive system.
If unbalanced: Too open of a Sacral Chakra can cause sexual addiction and manipulations. A person with too closed of a Sacral Chakra is co-dependent and submissive.

Navel Chakra/ Manipura

This chakra is located at the solar plexus and is represented by a yellow lotus with ten petals. It is the seat of our self-esteem, individuality, and willpower. A well-balanced Manipura is shown through a firm sense of purpose, motivation, and confidence. Manipura is also related to stomach, gallbladder, pancreas, and liver.
If unbalanced: An egomaniacal sense of Self is a sign that the Navel Chakra is too open and a low sense of self-worth means that Manipura is closed.

Heart Chakra/ Anahata

Located at the chest and is represented by a green lotus with twelve petals. Anahata our body’s seat for compassion and unconditional love. It serves as a channel that connects our low-frequency Self to higher vibrations where our true nature is free. This chakra is related to thymus, lungs, heart, and liver. A well-balanced Heart Chakra is represented by a healthy immune system, heart and a good flow of blood in the body.
If unbalanced: Poor emotional expression is a sign that this chakra is too open and being ruthless means that Anahata is closed.

Throat Chakra/ Vishuddha

Located at the throat and is represented by a blue lotus with sixteen petals. It relates to our self-expression through creativity and communication. Vishuddha is the source of intuition and diplomacy and is connected to our upper lungs, thyroid gland, digestive tract, and throat. A well-balanced Throat Chakra is shown through creative communication, both written and spoken.
If unbalanced: Being judgmental with an unstoppable mouth is a sign that Vishudda and being silent, shy and closed means deficiency.

Third Eye Chakra/ Ajna

Located between the brows and is represented by an indigo lotus with two petals. This chakra is directly related to intuition. This includes higher mental activities such as psychic abilities and spiritual awakening. Anja is also the energy that promotes compassion and forgiveness. This chakra is related to the pituitary gland, lower brain, nose, spine, ears, and left eye. A well balanced Third-Eye Chakra is recognized if a person has an ultra-sensitive intuition. And since the pineal gland is responsible for producing melatonin, which is needed for good sleep, a healthy Anja means that the body, mind, and spirit is given the rest it needs.
If unbalanced: When the Third-Eye Chakra is too open, a person can be too analytical and tend to jump to conclusions. A closed Anja can cause confusion and a fogged mind.

Crown Chakra/ Sahasrara

This chakra is located at the top of the head. The word Sahasrara means a thousand petals and is represented by the color white or violet. The Crown Chakra is related to enlightenment and is considered our spirit’s connective center. It creates a deeper sense of devotion, spiritual understanding and selflessness. This chakra is related to the pineal gland, right eye, and the upper brain. A person with a well-balanced Sahasrara is highly aware, both of the physical and emotional happenings. It also likely that enlightenment was reached and the Self is unified with the divine source.
If unbalanced: Too open of a Third-Eye Chakra can lead to psychosis and egomaniacal mentality. If this chakra is closed or blocked, one may lack aspiration and spirituality.

Each chakra plays a vital role in developing an individual’s over-all understanding of Self and the universe. Starting from the basic physical-based lower frequency Self and slowly transcending to a higher conscious Self is not an easy journey. But with the proper approach and guidance, nothing is impossible! As long as the spirit is shrouded with strong willpower and discipline, your journey to unmask your real existence will surely progress.

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